Solutions from the first two editions of the CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge have been given the opportunity to be piloted. Watch the video below or read on to find out more about these innovations.

CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge 2022

All 10 innovations from CSXC 2022 have been awarded an opportunity to pilot. Click in the thumbnails to find out more about them and watch this space for more updates!

The following pilots are still in planning. Watch this space for more updates!

CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge 2021

Read more about the successful CSXC 2021 pilots below!


CSXC 2021 Completed Pilot Project

  • Trialled at LogisTech, Singapore (industrial/logistics building) - two air handling units (AHUs) equipped with a total of 50 CONTINEWM® nets
  • Patented ceramic net emitting  infrared
  • Warranty of 20 years


  • Up to 51% decrease in fan energy usage
  • Up to 16% decrease in cooling load energy usage
  • Up to 153kWh/day of energy savings across 2 AHUs


Climatec Corp (Singapore)

CSXC 2021 Completed Pilot Project

  • Trialled at CapitaGreen, Singapore (office building)
  • Unique, chemical-free and electricity-free cooling tower water treatment that maximises blowdown savings


  • 99.8% decrease in blowdown water 
  • Up to 27.7 cycle of concentration (CoC)
  • 2.8% improvement in chiller plant efficiency
  • ROI of 17 months


New Generation Bio Water Saving  Stick (Austria)

CSXC 2021 Completed Pilot Project

  • Trialled at Aperia, Singapore (integrated development)
  • Irrigation via transfer of humidity from air to ground


  • Up to 33% water savings based on reduction of the irrigation timing 
  • ROI between 1.5 years to 2.3 years (including supply and installation)