About Danielle Tay

Danielle Tay traverses the boundaries of painting and craft, abstract and figurative, making paintings that have evolved into large-scale installations.

Her spontaneous approach makes each work grow wildly across walls, resulting in whimsical creations which exude vibrancy and energy.

On what inspires her:

“Nature is a big part of my work. I feel that all humans consciously or subconsciously long for nature. And I love the dynamism of nature. Take the sea, it is supposed to be calm, but it can also transform into something else, something powerful. Nature is always evolving, always unpredictable, and I like the uncertainty of it.”

On what she thinks of the upcoming CapitaSpring:

“In the CBD, I don’t think there’s another building like it. There’s no other place that does what it does. It brings the best of everything into a dynamic, flexible mix that redefines the future of work – not just people sitting at desks in the office, but feeling free to meet and collaborate with other like-minded people.”