Terms and Conditions for Colour Me contest by CapitaSpring

Terms & conditions

1.          Colour Me contest by CapitaSpring (“Contest”) is organised by CapitaLand Commercial Management Pte Ltd (the “Organiser”).

2.          The Contest is open to members of the public residing in Singapore, including staff of CapitaLand Limited (the “participants”).

3.         The Contest is organised into two (02) categories:
            a) Open category; and
            b) Junior category (for aged 12 and below only)

4.         Participants aged 12 and below may choose to take part in the Open category.


Colour Me contest by CapitaSpring

4.1  The Contest will take place from 6 May to 1 June 2020 (the “Contest period”)

4.2  There will be a total of 2 rounds of contest conducted and each round will consist of one (01) colouring sheet:
        a)            Round 1: 6 May – 19 May 2020
        b)            Round 2: 20 May – 1 June 2020

4.3  Winners for round 1 and 2 will be announced on the Contest website, CapitaLand Facebook and Instagram page, and via email, by the following dates:
        a) Round 1: 20 May 2020
        b) Round 2: 5 June 2020

4.4  By participating in this Contest, the participant agrees to use of his name and/or photograph as materials for the purposes of advertising, trade and/or publicity.

4.5  The Organiser shall own the copyright in all completed artworks and has the right to use, display or modify any completed artwork.

4.6  Participation is voluntary, and participants may choose to withdraw from the Contest at any time.



5.1  Participants must complete the colouring sheet found on the Contest website (https://www.capitaland.com/colourmecontest).

5.2  Participants may choose to participate in both rounds of the colouring contest.

5.3  Participants are allowed to submit multiple entries as long as they are different artwork and they must be participant’s original artwork.

5.4  Participants aged 12 and below can choose to participate in either Junior or Open category, per artwork submitted. In the event where the same artwork is submitted for both categories, the participant will automatically be grouped under the Open Category.

5.5  Participants may choose to colour digitally or traditionally using any colouring tools (i.e. colour pencils, crayons, paint, etc.) and may add drawings of people and objects to the colouring sheet.


Submissions and Closing Dates

6.1  To enter the contest, participants have to submit their entries either by scanning an image or taking a photo of their completed colouring sheet through the online forms as provided.

6.2  For Junior category, submissions must be done by participant’s parent or legal guardian.

6.3  Participant will be asked to include his name and contact details for verification purposes.

6.4  The closing date for submission of entries for round 1 of the Contest is Tuesday, 19 May 2020, at 11.59pm.

6.5  The closing date for submission of entries for round 2 of the Contest is Monday, 1 June, at 11.59pm.

6.6  The Organiser reserves the right to reject additional entries after the submission closes.

6.7  The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any entries that do not meet the Eligibility terms and conditions.

6.8  The Organiser will not be responsible for any dispute arising from incorrect information submitted by Participants.



7.1  Contest prizes (the “Prize”) will be awarded to the winners in the respective categories and are listed below. The Organiser may at its sole and absolute discretion and at any time without prior notice replace or substitute any prize with another of similar value selected by the Organiser.

a)    Round 1
        i.    Open category: 3 x 100,000 STAR$
       ii.    Junior category: 3 x 50,000 STAR$ 

b)    Round 2
        i.    Open category: 3 x 100,000 STAR$
       ii.    Junior category: 3 x 50,000 STAR$

7.2  The winner(s) will be notified in a separate email on the redemption of the STAR$.

7.3  The contest prizes are not exchangeable for cash and are not transferrable to any other persons.

7.4  CapitaLand Commercial Management Pte Ltd is not a supplier of the prizes and will not accept any liability in relation to any of the rewards.


Judging and Contest Results

8.1  For each round, the top three (03) entries in each category will be selected as the winners of the contest, by the artist.

8.2  Participants will be judged by their creativity, color composition, attention to detail, presentation and the colouring tools (digital, colour pencil, crayons, etc.) used.

8.3  All decisions, determination of results and award of prizes shall be subject to the contest terms & conditions rules and will be made by the Organiser. The Organiser’s decision on all matters relating to the Contest shall be final and binding and the Organiser shall not be obliged to enter into any discussions or correspondence with any person on any matter relating to the Contest.

8.4  Prize winners are required to present their photo-identity card or passport for verification of identity during prize collection. Prize winners may be required to sign an acknowledgement and release form prescribed by the Organiser in respect of his receipt of the contest Prize.

8.5  The Prizes must be claimed within two (02) months from the date of redemption. All unclaimed prizes shall be forfeited at the absolute discretion of the Organiser.

8.6  Participants found cheating will be disqualified immediately and any contest Prize awarded to a Participant subsequently found to have cheated will be withdrawn.


The Disclaimer

9     By submitting the entries to participate in the Contest, all Participants shall be deemed to consent and/or agree to the following terms and with all the Terms and Condition of the Contest herein:

a)            CCT, CapitaLand Limited and its related Corporations, and partners, and authorised service providers (collectively referred to as the “Involved Parties”), collecting, using disclosing and/or processing the Participant’s personal data, in order to inform the Participants about the Contest and its related activities as well as marketing and publicity relating to other activities or events which may be of interest to the Participants, via mail, email, SMS, telephone and other means of communications (including via all and any of their Singapore telephone numbers which the Organiser may have in its records); and

b)            the Involved Parties using and publishing the names of, and any other particulars of, all or any prize winners for notifying the prize winners of the results of related quizzes.


Bonus lucky draw

10.1        In conjunction with the Contest, the Organiser will be conducting a lucky draw (the “Lucky Draw”) for each round of the Contest.

10.2       To qualify for the Lucky Draw, participants must:
              a)        Post a photo of their completed colouring sheet on their Instagram page;
              b)        Set their Instagram profile to public; and
              c)        Mention @CapitaLand and hashtag #CapitaSpring, #WhereTheCityRises in their caption.

10.3       One winner will be picked by random in each round of the Contest.

10.4       Winners will receive 50,000 STAR$ each (“Lucky Draw Prizes”)

10.5       The Lucky Draw Prizes are not exchangeable for cash from the Lucky Draw Organiser and are not transferrable to any other persons.


11.  CapitaLand Commercial Management Pte Ltd reserves the right to revise these terms & conditions without notice.


12.  For any enquiries, please email CapitaLand Commercial Management Pte Ltd at ywc@capitaland.com


Personal Data

11.1       All Participants will be required to provide their Personal Data to register for the Contest. Such personal data may include without limitation the Participant's full name, age, Singapore telephone number, and email address. Participants acknowledge that in providing their Personal Data, they consent to allowing their personal data being processed, collected, used and/ or disclosed for the purposes of organising the Contest by the Organiser and other members of the CapitaLand Group and for the Lucky Draw Organiser to organize the Lucky Draw. In addition, the Participants acknowledge that the Organiser may instruct agents, service providers and consultants, in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations, to process, collect, use and disclose such Personal Data for the purposes of organising the Contest such as, but not limited to, sending updates and any changes (if any) to the Contest date.

11.2       The CapitaLand Group reserves the right to use the names, pictures, photographs or likeness of any Participant or Lucky Draw Winners in their marketing, publicity or promotional materials at their sole discretion without notice to the Participant or Lucky Draw Winners or require any Participant or Lucky Draw Winners to appear in any form of marketing, publicity or promotional activities.

11.3       The CapitaLand Group may also use Participants’ aggregated personal data to conduct analysis on their overall effectiveness of organising the Contest to help it to improve, review, develop and efficiently coordinate future contests and/or lucky draws conducted by any member of the CapitaLand Group.

11.4       The CapitaLand Personal Data Protection Policy (the “DPP”) is accessible at https://www.capitaland.com/en/legal-notices/privacy-policy.html). More information on the transfer of Personal Data and the Group’s data retention policies is set out in the DPP.


Trade Mark Disclaimer

12.   All trademarks shown in the Contest Terms and Condition and used during the Contest shall remain the property of the respective holders. Unless otherwise represented, the display of these trademarks on all Contest related material are solely for the purposes of illustrating products, event businesses being discussed and should not be taken in any way to indicate any relationship, affiliation and/or sponsorship between the respective holders of trademarks, the Organiser and the Group.