CapitaLand Volunteer Day

CapitaLand launched the CapitaLand Volunteer Day in conjunction with the company’s 13th anniversary in 2013. It is a full-day volunteer event to rally staff to reach out to the communities it operates.

For the inaugural year, on 15 November, 200 Singapore-based CapitaLand staff, including senior management, revamped homes of 20 underprivileged families in Singapore.

In 2014, 250 senior management and staff volunteers from the CapitaLand Group in Singapore devoted more than 2,000 man-hours through Volunteer Service Leave - paid leave for staff to reach out to 150 underprivileged children, a 3-fold increase from 2013.

In celebration of SG50, CapitaLand Group in Singapore combined its annual Volunteer Day and Family Day for the CapitaLand #100KHopeHours Challenge Experiential Heritage Trail on 3 October 2015. More than 1,600 staff, their family and friends as well as business associates and community volunteers registered for event to discover more about the country's history, learns to overcome some of the hardships of disadvantaged children and earn donations from CapitaLand Hope Foundation for President’s Challenge. Despite the cancellation of the experiential heritage trail on 3 October due to health and safety concerns for the participants over the haze, CapitaLand kept the intent of the Challenge by bringing key activities indoors.  Conceived as a special SG50 edition of the annual CapitaLand Volunteer Day, the participants gathered at Raffles City Singapore for the finale of the Challenge to show their unwavering support for volunteerism.

CapitaLand Volunteer Day was extended to 5 Chinese cities – Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Wuhan, in conjunction with CapitaLand’s 20th anniversary in China in 2014. On 28 June 2014, CapitaLand’s President & Group CEO, CHF Director Mr. Lim Ming Yan flagged off the CapitaLand ‘Building for Tomorrow • Walk for Hope’ experiential charity walk from Raffles City Shanghai. More than 3,000 participants comprising government officials, CapitaLand’s senior management and staff, celebrities, business associates and community volunteers played their part for charity and endured ‘hardship challenges’ in the two-hour, 10-kilometre charity walk. A total of RMB 513,400 was donated to provide music classroom facilities for underprivileged children in the participating cities.

Vietnam held its inaugural CapitaLand Volunteer Day on 28 August 2015 and 8 September 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi respectively. More than 100 staff volunteers from Ascott Vietnam and CapitaLand Vietnam participated in the volunteer activities held at the two CapitaLand Hope Schools in Vietnam. CapitaLand Hope Foundation supported the event with donation of schoolbags, stationeries and school shoes for about 500 students. A total of VND 50 million was raised through staff’s voluntary efforts to provide scholarships for 277 students at CapitaLand Thanh Phuoc A and Nang Yen Hope Schools.

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CapitaLand Volunteer Day @ Singapore
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CapitaLand Volunteer Day @ Singapore
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CapitaLand Volunteer Day @ Singapore
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CapitaLand Volunteer Day @ Vietnam 
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