Words of Appreciation

The beneficiaries of CapitaKids @ Education Bursary Scheme 2013 wrote several appreciation letters to thank CHF for supporting them in their education

Song Huan, a Grade 6 student at CapitaLand Gushan Hope School, Shaanxi Province, wrote, “Thank you for your kind donation. I will work hard to achieve exemplary results to show my appreciation towards your donation.”

Xie Qiao Hong, a Grade 6 student at CapitaLand Xiecun Hope School, Zhejiang Province, wrote, “Due to my childhood illness, my father has spent all his savings on my treatment. This donation helped relieve my family’s financial burden and I am able to concentrate on my studies. I did very well in my Grade 6 exam last year. I was second in class and was one of the model students at the county level. I am now in junior high school year 1 and will continue to strive better.”


Northlight’s Muhd Asyraf Chumino received the Lee Hsien Loong Award for Special Achievement

“I have benefited from bursary given out by CapitaLand Hope Foundation during my time in Northlight School. The bursary was used to pay for my daily transport, recess and meal expenses. I have also been able to pay for the ‘N’ Level English exam fees with it. The most useful part was when I was selected to go to China for overseas immersion programme. The financial aid really put my mind at ease and helped me during my studies at Northlight School.”

Kelvin, 12 years old, Beneficiary of Students Care Service, Singapore

“Thank you CHF for sponsoring the ‘Be With Me’ programme! I’ve got 3Bs in my PSLE and will be going to Edgefield Secondary School in Punggol.”

Shen Wee is appreciative of the $150 bursary which will aid him in his education endeavours
Source: Bridge— A publication of South West CDC, March/ April 2012 issue, Singapore

“My parents work very long hours and I know this bursary will help me buy books to make me a better student.” CapitaLand Hope Foundation’s donation of $90,000 to the South West CDC ‘Back to School Bursary 2011’ saw an increase in the help amount for each beneficiary from $100 last year to $150 worth of CapitaVouchers this year. These vouchers will help needy families defray their child’s expenses for the purchase of essential school-going items such as school bag, stationery, shoes and assessment books to kick-start the new school term amid the rising cost of living.


Bo Guang, Bishan Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) Learning Centre, Singapore

“Thank you CapitaLand for helping my mother to pay for my DAS Maths fees. Now I am motivated to learn Maths better.”

Halijah, Singapore

“Dear CapitaLand, I enjoy all my art sessions very much. I enjoy doing brush painting most. Thank you for giving me this chance. I love you.”

Bian Yongji, Principal of CapitaLand Longdong Hope School, China

“28 volunteers from CapitaLand came to our school for a one-week volunteering teaching programme. You donated more than RMB50,000 worth of dining tables, bookcases, study tables and beds to the school. You also patiently helped us to sort out the library books, elaborately designed the reading room and decorated the students’ dining hall, as well as carefully prepared enrichment lessons. In addition, you brought Children’s Day gifts to every student and celebrated the special day with them, giving them a memorable holiday. 

Our school only has funds to maintain our daily operation and we can do nothing to improve our school facilities. Now our students can enjoy their meals at the clean and beautiful dining tables and chairs, read in the cosy reading room and play the basketball that you have given in the playground. They are so happy just like being immersed in a festive atmosphere. You may know that over a long period our students had been having their meals either standing or squatting on the ground. It is the very first time that they eat at clean dining tables and read in a reading room just like students in the city. 

After the earthquake in 2008, you extended your help sincerely to solve our pressing needs to build a multi-purpose building. Your act of kindness has greatly touched all of our school’s teachers and students and left us with great admiration for what you had done. — Letter dated 3 July 2012”


Zhang Yong Kang, Primary 4 student of CapitaLand Xingfuzhilu Hope School, China

“I would like to thank all the uncles and aunties from CapitaLand who helped us. The volunteers have given us a great time. I wish you good health and long life. Teachers are like stars in the sky, and volunteers are like the milky way.”

Nguyen Ha Thanh, Primary 5 student of CapitaLand Nang Yen Primary Hope School, Vietnam

“Dear CapitaLand’s uncles and aunties, I really appreciate your effort coming to my school and bringing us meaningful gifts. I was very happy when I could play so many interesting games that I had never been played before with the volunteers. This is a picture I drew for you to express my sincere thanks. I hope the letter will reach you well. Wishing you good health always! – Letter dated 4 October 2011. ”

Kylie, Singapore

“To: CapitaLand Kids Programme

Thank you very much for helping us and taking care of us. May god bless you all.” - Christmas card, 2016