CapitaStar@Work - Terms and conditions


1.            In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, the following provisions apply in respect of your participation in any events organised via the App (“Event”), and shall apply in addition to any specific terms and conditions that may be specified by the organiser of such Event (“Organiser”).

2.            You agree and understand that:

(a)           the App functions only as a platform to facilitate communications between you and the Organiser, and we do not control nor are we involved in the organisation of any Event. We do not screen or review Events or their organisers and your participation in any Events is entirely at your own risk;

(b)           we are not responsible for and do not control the organisation or staging of any Event, nor any Organiser’s performance or non-performance of its obligations or duties to you in connection therewith. We have no control over the terms which govern your rights and obligations with respect to any Event. You should carefully read these conditions to ascertain your ability to comply with the same;
(c)           we are not liable in any way to you or to any third party for any loss or damage (including death or personal injury) which may arise from or in connection with any activities or Events or if any Events are modified, suspended, cancelled or delayed;

(d)           your rights to attend any event are non-transferable, and you shall not resell any tickets to Events or engage in touting or other similar activities;

(e)           the Organiser(s) may deny your entry to or participation in any Event for any breach of these or any other terms applicable to the Event;

3.            If your participation in or attendance at any Event is subject to the payment of fees:

(a)           we do not determine fees charged for Events;

(b)           the Organiser (and not us) shall be solely responsible for processing any refunds to you if the Event is modified, cancelled, delayed or suspended.

4.            Governing Law

Your access and use of the Events and Activities Functionality shall be governed by Singapore law and you agree that the Singapore courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes relating thereto.