CapitaStar@Work - Terms and conditions


1.         In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, the following provisions apply in respect of your use of the Space Booking Functionality.

(a) “Space Booking Functionality” shall mean the functionality, fields, and information provided via the App to facilitate the booking of Venues;

(b) “Venue” shall mean any venue that is made available for the Space Booking Functionality by CapitaLand Commercial Management Pte. Ltd., CapitaLand Commercial Management Pte. Ltd or any other third party ; and

(c) “Venue Operator” shall mean the person or entity having relevant possession or control of the Venue to allow for it to be used in connection with the Space Booking Functionality.

2.         Accuracy of the information provided

2.1         You represent and warrant that the information submitted through the Space Booking Functionality is correct, accurate, and contains no errors or omissions.

Rental, Deposits and Other Fees

2.2 You shall pay the deposit and rental amount stipulated in the App at the time of booking. You shall also be liable to pay for any transport, manpower or resource costs stipulated in the App at the time of booking. You agree these amounts may be charged to you via the App or upon the presentation of an invoice to you.

3.         Bookings

3.1         All booking of Venues are subject to venue availability and are non-transferable.

3.2         The management reserves the right to reject or cancel any bookings upon 3 days' notice..

3.3         Booking time must include setup and dismantling time.

3.4         No food and drink are permitted at all times in all Venues.

3.5         Payment for the use of a Venue must be made within 5 business days upon receiving the invoice therefor, otherwise the booking may be cancelled and a cancellation fee may be chargeable. All bookings through the App shall be paid by credit card. 

3.6         Requests for cancellation or amendments to any booking must be in writing and must be made directly with the Venue Operator (and regardless whether the original booking was made through the App), in accordance with the Venue Operator's prevailing cancellation policies. Subject to the said cancellation policies, a cancellation fee will apply if booking is cancelled less than 14 working days before the event date if the request for request for cancellation or amendment is allowed. If the Venue Operator rejects a request for cancellation or amendment to any booking, the fees for the booking of the Venue will remain payable in full.

3.7         Venue rates are subjected to changes and will take effect immediately. Venue rates are exclusive of prevailing Goods & Services Tax.

3.8         The Venue Operator reserves the right not to open the premises for use, if full payments are not made in accordance with clause No. 3.8

4.         Use of the Venue

4.1         Upon the successful booking of a Venue, you will be granted a non-exclusive, revocable licence to use the Venue during the period specified in the App. This shall in no way be construed as a grant of a lease to you.

4.2         It is your responsibility to ensure that the Venue is suitable for your intended use. If you have any booking requirements which you think may affect the suitability of your use of the Venue you should discuss these with the Venue Operator before confirming any booking for a Venue.

4.3         You shall not use the Venue for any other purpose other than that described on the Booking Form. You shall not sub-hire or use the Venue or allow the venue to be used for any unlawful purpose. You shall also obtain the necessary licences for you to carry out your event.

4.4         If either you or your attendees move any equipment you find at the Venue, you do so at your own risk and must return such equipment to its original position before leaving the Venue.

4.5         At the end of the booking period, the Venue must be vacated fully cleaned and in its original condition. The Venue Operator shall be entitled to carry out additional cleaning, deodorizing, sanitizing, making good and repairs of the Venue or any equipment thereat due to spillage, pilferage or other damage or inappropriate use, and you agree to indemnify Venue Operator and us for any fees, costs and/or expenses to be incurred by Venue Operator or us in connection therewith.

4.6         If it is so ascertained by Venue Operator that you and/or your occupants have caused loss or damage to our equipment or any fixtures or fittings at the Venue, you shall be liable for such damage. You shall also indemnify Venue Operator and us for any fees, costs and/or expenses to be incurred by Venue Operator or usin repairing or replacing, at our discretion, any equipment, fixtures or fittings lost or damaged by you or your occupants.

4.7         Unless otherwise agreed, you shall not bring in additional contractors and/or equipment to the Venue. You shall not use any naked flames, gas cylinders, canisters, nor place any combustible materials near heat sources.

4.8         If the Venue Operator so permits, any equipment that you bring to the Venue must be in safe and in good working order.

4.9         It shall be your sole responsibility to ensure your own cost that:

(a) all regulatory or other approvals, licences or permits required from any authority or government in connection with your event are obtained before the event;

(b) if you will be performing or otherwise using copyrighted or other material protected by intellectual property rights, all licences necessary for such performances or use have been secured;

(c) you comply with all laws and regulations relating to the event.

4.10         You shall not under any circumstances be entitled to any refund of any sums paid and you shall remain liable to pay all sums due in connection with any booking of any Venue, whether on account of any failure by you to obtain any requisite permits or licences in connection with your event or any cancellation of the event by you or otherwise howsoever.

5.         Public Liability Insurance

You are advised to have adequate Public Liability Insurance in place for use of the Venue, and must produce up-to-date evidence of such insurance when requested. We shall have the right to cancel your rental of our Venue without having to refund any costs or expenses incurred by you (including any deposit or damage deposit).

6.         Promotional materials

6.1         You are responsible for all publicity and promotion of your event at the Venue.

6.2         Promotional materials must comply with all Singapore laws, and the prevailing advertising standards.

6.3         You shall not use our trade marks on any promotional material relating to your event without our prior written consent.

6.4         You also agree that your rental of the Venue does not constitute an endorsement by us or the Venue of either you or the subject matter of the rental.

7.         Termination

7.1         We (including all CapitaLand Limited group entities, and its direct and indirect subsidiaries, affiliates, associated companies) shall have the right to terminate and/or suspend your booking at any time for any reason, and are not obligated to disclose the reason behind the termination and/or suspension.

7.2         If you have breached or we have reason to suspect that you have breached any of the Terms set forth in these Specific Terms and Conditions, or if any material information provided or representation made by you to us is untrue or misleading or otherwise has an adverse material impact on us, we are entitled to immediately suspend and/or terminate your booking and are not obligated to disclose the reason behind the termination and/or suspension.

7.3         Where we terminate or suspend your booking for any reason otherwise than in connection with to any act or omission on your part or any breach of by you of these Specific Terms and Conditions, we may, at our sole and absolute discretion, provide pro-rated refund of fees received by us prior to such termination or suspension, and if so, such refund shall be your sole and exclusive remedy for any such termination or suspension.

7.4         For the avoidance of doubt, upon suspension or termination of your booking, you remain liable for all outstanding payments under these Specific Terms and Conditions. This Clause 7 shall be without prejudice and without prejudice to any of our rights and remedies at law or equity.

8.         Your access and use of the Book Spaces Functionality shall be governed by Singapore law and you agree that the Singapore courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes relating thereto.