A twist to Live It Up! 2020 with all the fun

With much to take home from the successful implementation of the inaugural Live It Up! in 2019, this year proved more challenging and exciting in levelling up the initiative. The main goal of this annual signature programme remains to promote wellness and environmental sustainability, and engage the individuals of CapitaLand's Workspace community, nurturing existing tenant partnerships and forging new ones. 

Amidst the pandemic, Live It Up! 2020 took on a fresh format and was held digitally, with curated content such as articles and engagement pieces on tips and facts on all things sustainable and wellness. Content such as low-calorie recipes for lunch, how to build a sustainable wardrobe and exercise routines and more were created in partnership with several tenants and made available online for the community to access, anytime and anywhere.

To avoid contributing to ‘Zoom fatigue’ and causing a burnout associated with prolonged use of video calls, Live It Up! 2020 was intentionally organised with easy-to-participate challenges and contests instead of virtual events, giving participants the autonomy over their time and targets throughout the movement, with incentives and prize giveaways.  

This year’s theme was Take Charge & Get Going, and was held over 12 days from 30 November to 11 December. Everyone was invited to incorporate wellness and green habits in their daily lives. 

Participants were encouraged to join the Water The Community Plant challenge, a 7-day community challenge for individuals to take on and create a positive change to the environment and their wellbeing. Each day, they had to log in to a specially-created game platform to pledge to take on the Challenge of the Day. These daily tasks were easy to accomplish, such as eating a vegetarian meal, listing five things they were grateful for, and even tagging their friends and giving them a compliment. With an overwhelming 906 pledges received from the community, the prize pool reached 3,000,000 STAR$, which is equivalent to $3,000 worth of CapitaVouchers.  

In an effort to inspire the community, a social media contest was also created to encourage participants to share a healthy or sustainable habit they had adopted during Live It Up! 2020. All they had to do was upload a post on their social media, describe the habit they had picked up and include the hashtags #WaysITakeCharge. Prizes worth $2,000 were awarded to 20 lucky winners. For those who were tenants of CapitaLand's Workspace, they could increase their chances by adding a hashtag of their office building name, for instance, #CapitalTower, #Ascent.

There were quite a few interesting posts shared, such as having a Korean-style vegetarian meal, or BYOC (Bring Your Own Containers) for lunch take-outs in the effort to save the environment. 

Want a recap or missed being a part  of Live It Up! 2020? Check out the video for the fun-filled moments!


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