Meet MINDS' Beneficiaries

Esmond Lou

Esmond is a trainee in SIA-MINDS Employment Development Centre (SMEDC) working in MINDS Bakers. He is a diligent worker who ensures that he performs his work to the highest of standards. Esmond is generally quiet in nature but as with others his age, he will exhibit the occasional playfulness when he warms up to people. During his free time, to keep himself fit, he will get together with his friends for a game of football.

Esmond’s initial development was fraught with challenges, fortunately, things took an upturn when the allied health professionals and training staff recognised his potential and reassigned him to MINDS Bakers. Complementing his re-designation was the training from the EDC's Lifelong Learning curriculum that centred on inculcating basic self-care, interpersonal, psycho-social and complex work execution skills to prepare them for vocational placements in supported or open employment. The allied health professionals worked on developing Esmond's social competencies and instilling the right work habits.

The training has resulted in Esmond's marked improvement. Prior to the training, he was reserved and withdrawn but is now more confident. It is not uncommon to see him conversing and cracking jokes with his peers and training officers. The continual training has also kindled his interest in work and he has found a way to work, live and play meaningfully.