Metta Welfare Association

Initiated by Metta Welfare Association, Metta Café was established in 2014 to provide F&B vocational training for Metta School graduates aged 18 and above, with mild intellectual disability and/or autism. Their mission is to provide an avenue for these youths to acquire vocational, work and life skills through our comprehensive training and development programmes and to create employment opportunities to help them achieve economic independence, self-reliance and build confidence.

Find out more information at Metta's Website.

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Metta Cafe has products such as Traditional Mooncake in preparation for the upcoming Mooncake Festival as well as Eggless cookies which will leave you craving for more! They will also be having baking workshops that you can have a interactive and enjoyable hands-on experience with Metta! Don't miss this opportunity to have a taste of these delicacies and a chance to become a baker! 

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Eggless Cookies

Eggless and freshly-baked cookies (suitable for Vegetarian and Halal-Certified). It comes in three different flavours: Butter Almond, Cranberry and Cornflake flavour.

Enjoy every single bite you take as you would start craving for more when you are at your last cookie! Don’t hesitate anymore! Grab yours and share some with your family and friends.

Eggless Butter Almond Cookies


These Eggless Butter Almond Cookies are rich and crispy, yet soft and it melts when you place them in your mouth! Feel the crisp bite and sandy crumbly texture of the almond bits in the cookie. These Eggless Almond Butter Cookies will drive you NUTS!


S$1.80 for 6 pieces/ Ziplock bag

S$3.50 for 13 pieces/ Ziplock bag

S$5.00 for small bottle (16 pieces)

S$8.00 for medium bottle (22 pieces)

S$12.00 for large bottle (36 pieces)

Eggless Cranberry Cookies

These Eggless cookies are crispy and have a slight tangy taste of cranberries, definitely addictive! If your sweet tooth is kicks in, these Cranberry cookies are the right choice for you! Need not to mention that they are voted for families' favourite!


S$1.80 for 6 pieces/ Ziplock bag

S$3.50 for 13 pieces/ Ziplock bag

S$5.00 for small bottle (16 pieces)

S$8.00 for medium bottle (22 pieces)

S$12.00 for large bottle (36 pieces)

Eggless Cornflake Cookies

These Eggless Cornflake Cookies are crunchy and addictive! Definitely a great way to start the day with these delicious crunchy flakes. Every bite is a perfect crunch! As corny as it sounds, these cookies are popular among both children and adults!


S$1.80 for 6 pieces/ Ziplock bag

S$3.50 for 13 pieces/ Ziplock bag

S$5.00 for small bottle (16 pieces)

S$8.00 for medium bottle (22 pieces)

S$12.00 for large bottle (36 pieces)

Food Review

"Delicate and crumbly, these bite-sized treats burst with buttery goodness which is balanced by accomplishments including cornflakes, cranberries and almonds." - Lorraine

"Crunchy and delicious! These bite-sized treats leave me craving for more after i devoured all of them within a few minutes! My personal favourite would be cornflake cookie as it reminds me of my childhood snack. "

"It tastes buttery and the texture is very nice! These bite-sized treats are easy to bring around and easily consumed. Appearance looks amazing and the texture is perfect!"

"There are generous fillings of the ingredients, for instance the chocolate macademia cookies was filled with whole big round macademia, this is surely a must try for the fans of macademia!"

Festive Special

Mooncake Festival is just 2 months away, don't wait till the end to treat your stomach with these sweet and incredibly rich lotus-paste mooncakes!

These Traditional Baked Mooncakes are Eggless / Suitable for Vegetarians. 传统烘皮月饼(素/ 无蛋). It comes in two different flavours: White Lotus (Low Sugar) and White Lotus Cranberry (New Flavour). 

Get yours now!

Traditional Baked Mooncakes


  • White Lotus (Low Sugar) 低糖白莲蓉
  • White Lotus Cranberry (NEW) 白莲蓉蔓越莓(新口味)


White Lotus (Low Sugar) 低糖白莲蓉 - S$12/piece OR S$48 for 4 pieces/box

Purchase Now

White Lotus Cranberry 白莲蓉蔓越莓 - S$12.50/piece OR S$50 for 4 pieces/box

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Food Review

"The red bean mooncake is chewy and a little crunchy with the small seeds infused together with the red bean paste. If you are a red bean lover, you definitely got to give this a try!"


"The white lotus paste mooncake is not sweet. As you chew in your mouth, the taste lingers and it makes you crave for more! Smooth texture, i love it!"

Workshops For Good

Baking Workshops With A Difference

[Registration Closed]

Duration: 2 hours hands-on experience (non-virtual)

  • 90 minutes session including making and decoration
  • 30 minutes light refreshments

Class Size: Maximum 10 pax

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate (Halal)

*Safe distancing measures will be taken during the workshops

Price: CORPORATE SPECIAL S$25 per pax (UP: S$40 Per pax)

Registration Fee includes:

  • All ingredients and materials provided
  • Interactive hands-on session
  • Light refreshments during the session
  • Your own creations to bring home (About 3 –4 cupcakes)

*Note: Proceeds raised from the workshop go towards supporting F&B training programmes for Metta School Alumni youths with special needs.

Date & Time

Session 1 - 25 August 2020 (Tuesday) | 2pm - 4pm

Session 2 -  27 August 2020 (Thursday) | 2pm - 4pm

Session 3 -  28 August 2020 (Friday) | 2pm - 4pm

Session 4 - 29 August 2020 (Saturday) | 2pm - 4pm

Session 5 - 31 August 2020 (Monday) | 2pm - 4pm

About the Venue

Venue: Metta Café, Metta Building, 32 Simei Street 1, Singapore 529950

•Parking: Car Park next to Metta Building

•Nearest MRT: Simei MRT

(Approximately 10 minutes walk / Take Bus Service No. 9 and alight at the 3rd bus stop)

Meet The Trainer & Beneficiaries

Joanne is a Pastry Chef cum Trainer with Metta Café. She has over 10 years of experience in the F&B and hospitality industries. Her passion in baking aspired her to pursue a course in Pastry and Bakery at Shatec Singapore.

Joanne believes that baking has a therapeutic effect. Each baking process is a relaxing journey and she finds joy in cake decoration and piping of buttercream flowers. She looks forward to share her experience and joy of baking with like-minded individuals!

Apart from Joanne, METTA's apprentices will be involved in the workshop too. They are Shirley, Heng Shen, Wei Jie, Rachel and Edmund. 

Meet The Beneficiaries