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Rainbow Centre envisions a world where persons with disabilities are empowered and thriving in inclusive communities. They work with their partners to create opportunities for persons with disabilities to make the most of their abilities and participate meaningfully in society. Through practical education, meaningful support and effective training programmes, they strive to increase the quality of life for them and their families. Established in 1987, Rainbow Centre is a registered charity and Institution of a Public Character.

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These products are proudly made by persons with disabilities and their families, who are part of Rainbow Centre’s Micro Business Academy. Through setting up their own business, Rainbow Centre's clients with disabilities can live meaningfully engaged lives, be empowered to make their own decisions, gain and maintain skills, and move towards financial independence. By purchasing their products, you are helping to make an impact in their lives!

*All transactions are handled by participating charities and social enterprises

Products For Sale

Tepung Pelita Zurah


Tepung Pelita, a traditional Malay kuih, is lovingly slow cooked over the stove for hours and steamed in a hand-crafted banana leaf boat to achieve the soft, smooth, and refreshingly delicious texture.

100% lovingly handmade with natural pandan extract. Available by pre-order.

Payment Method:

PayNow or Bank Transfer

How to Order?

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Social Media:

Facebook: @TepungPelitaZurahSg 

Instagram: @TepungPelitaZurahSg 

Food Review

"A great treat for dessert lovers! Those who love coconut, pandan must not miss these kuehs with smooth texture and right balance of sweetness, best eaten when chilled. It is so refreshing! Highly recommended." - Lorraine

"These fun-sized dessert is definitely a must-try! Interesting packaging for the gula melaka flavour and the fusion of pandan and coconut flavour. My personal favourite is Gula Melaka flavour as it satisfy my sweet tooth!"

Filmer's Chiffon Cake


100% lovingly handmade. Made using seasonal fruits and premium Japanese flour. 22cm diameter in size. Weight varies by fruit type. Available by pre-order 3 days in advance. All cakes are baked fresh upon order by Filmer himself and family.

Just like us, their cakes come in different sizes! Depending on the flavour, they weigh between 850g - 1.1kg (don't call them fat!), grow to heights of 8-10cm, but they are all satisfyingly plump at 22cm across all directions.


  • A Little Fruity (Mango, Pineapple, Orange, Cempedak, Strawberry, Lychee- Seasonal)
  • A Little Nutty (Banana Walnut, Pumpkin Walnut, Coffee Walnut)
  • A Little Something On The Side (Matcha Green Tea, Durian)

Payment Method:

PayNow or Cash

Contact Details:

Call Marcia at 9670 2118 

Food Review

"For the Chempedak Chiffon Cake, it is extremely light and abit moist.  It's unique point is the tint of chempedak! It is not too sweet, just nice for me! Smooth and soft, it taste good with coffee!"

"I tried the banana walnut and pineapple chiffon cake, both were very moist and fluffy in texture with fragrance of banana and pineapple. The pineapple cake had bits of fresh pinapple too which was a pleasant surprise. Would highly recommend! :) " - June Tan

"Soft and yummy! When i took my first bite of the banana walnut chiffon cake, i fell in love real quick. The taste of banana was strong, with the addition of walnut which makes a perfect combination. The size of the chiffon cake is huge as well which is worth every penny! Glad i tried this!" 

Workshop / Talk

[Closed]"Disabilities & Diversity | Why it Matters"

Rainbow Centre will be holding an awareness talk on 12 August, Wednesday and touch on the topic of "Disabilities & Diversity | Why it Matters".

The outline of the content includes:

  • Introduction to Disabilities 
  • Useful Tips for Interacting with Persons with Disabilities
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Why it Matters
  • Our Journey with our Partners

Two experienced Rainbow Centre trainers, Tan Yeok Nguan and Sharifah M Shahab-Yokoyama will be sharing.

Meet The Speakers

Name of Speaker:

Tan Yeok Nguan | Head, Inclusive Design

Rainbow Centre, Singapore

Biography of Speaker:

Yeok Nguan has many loves. In his two decades of work experiences, he has served in three key sectors, namely: Education, Design and the Social Service. Currently, he heads the Inclusive Design team at Rainbow Centre, Singapore, and provides expertise in the areas of design thinking and creating inclusive environments for persons of all abilities.  

Name of Speaker:

Sharifah M Shahab-Yokoyama | Associate Trainer, Rainbow Centre Training & Consultancy

Rainbow Centre, Singapore

Biography of Speaker:

Sharifah's journey as a Special Education Practitioner for more than thirty years now has been driven by the belief that every child, regardless of their different needs, has the right to participate fully in the community and to have the same choices, opportunities and experiences as other children. She is a strong advocate of advancing opportunities and access to inclusive possibilities for people with disabilities. She stays hopeful that this integrative and collaborative practice will bring about greater awareness, understanding, respect and meaningful engagement.

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