Very Special Arts (VSA)

Established in 1993 by Patron and Ambassador-at-large, Professor Tommy Koh, VSA aims to nurture and develop the creative talent of people with disability to empower them through the arts. VSA accepts and enables people with any kind of disability through visual, performing and literary arts. Their beneficiaries are aged 5 onwards, with disabilities ranging from physical (e.g. deaf, blind, or wheelchair user) to intellectual (e.g. Autism, Down Syndrome or Global Development Delay).

In recent years, VSA has created pathways in Visual and Performing Arts. The participants in their programmes can see themselves progress from Foundation to Artists-In-Training to Semi/Professional Artists or Artisan Crafters. The participants learnt not only the artistic skill sets but also physical and life-skills. The environment in their centres is safe, supportive and person-centred to allow the individual to gain confidence and purpose in his life. 

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Support VSA Beneficiaries

VSA has many products that are done up by their talented artists whom are their beneficiaries. Each one of them are designed based on their individual artistic skills.

With VSA Programmes, their students build strong foundational skillsets (e.g. fine-art). They are also able to explore their interest in the arts and those who show interest and talent can pursue visual or performing art as a career.

VSA engages and empower their students by serving as a bridge between artists and the community through showcasing their work or performance engagements, with the aim of helping them become financially independent. 

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Boy and Bear Series Badge

Name of Product: Boy and Bear Series Badge (Set of 3 Assorted)

Price: S$10

Description of Product:

These Boy and Bear series assorted badges come in a set of 3! They are designed by Mohammad Noh who loves drawing his favorite characters. They can be pinned onto your tote bags as a decorative element! 

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Business Card Case

Name of Product: Lacquer Series – Business Card Case (Singapore Flyer)

Price: S$29

Description of Product:

This Business Card Case has the design of Singapore Flyer, identified as a giant observation wheel as well as one of Asia’s biggest tourist attraction. Admire it on this Business Card Case any time any where at your convenience.

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Heritage Tote Bag

Name of Product: Heritage Tote Bag - Chinatown

Price: S$16

Description of Product:

Unable to see the different landmarks of Singapore? Worry not! Heritage Tote Bag got your back. Admire and carry along the scenic view of Chinatown everywhere you go! 

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