Meet Social Gifting's Beneficiaries


Nenek Imah is currently in her early 70s and living alone in a one-room rental flat. She often reminisces about her past when alone, thinking about her late husband whom she lost recently and worries for her mother who is currently hospitalised. Nenek has been crafting for Social Gifting for about a year and is thankful for the opportunity to use her sewing talents to provide her with passive income and a chance to create handmade gifts that everyone can enjoy. Through crafting, she has gained confidence and empowerment to continue pushing through emotional hurdles and physical strains to stay motivated.


Granny Lee is close to 80 years old and living alone in a one-room rental flat. She spends a lot of time reflecting on her past. When at idle, she will think of her son whom she has lost due to depression and the things she had not done well in life. She has been crafting with Social Gifting for the past 2 years and is thankful that she is able to keep her hands moving and minds off her negative thoughts. Crafting has helped her gain confidence especially when the gifts she makes are in demand. She hopes to maintain her fine motor and coordination through crafting.