Holistic Approach to Net Zero Waste in India

International Tech Park Chennai, Taramani (ITPC Taramani) comprising three buildings – Pinnacle, Crest, and Zenith – achieved the certification of Net Zero Waste at Operation Phase by IGBC. This certification recognises ITPC Taramani as a business park that comprehensively manages its waste through a multi-pronged approach to eliminate waste being sent to landfill.

The waste generated per person at ITPC Taramani is 25% lower than average1. ITPC Taramani has various types of waste segregation bins across the business park, such as for organic waste, mixed recycling, plastic, and e-waste. This facilitates the diversion of over 98% of the business park’s waste from landfill. Its organic waste (food and garden waste) is recycled by an organic waste converter onsite into compost, which is then used for gardening purposes within the business park. ITPC Taramani also has agreements with various recycling vendors for non-biodegradable dry waste such as paper, plastic and mixed waste.

ITPC Taramani further encourages circularity across its value chain. An effective green procurement policy is in place, which includes sourcing of closed-loop products such as recycled paper and biodegradable trash bags. The business park engages various stakeholders on waste management, including conducting regular training sessions with facilities teams and raising awareness with tenants through emails and signages.

1 Baseline average as defined by India Green Building Council. 

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