Reinforcing OHS Awareness

In Singapore, Safety Time-Out Inspections were conducted for all retail and workspace properties to identify and rectify potential safety hazards. Some items in the checklist included: ensuring warning signages were in the right locations, proper access platforms were available for building maintenance, safety railings were secure, lighting levels were adequate, and that fire escape routes were unobstructed.

Senior management and colleagues from the non-operational teams such as leasing departments were also engaged in this initiative.

Safety briefings and awareness training sessions were also organised for CLI staff and CLI vendors. More than 250 CLI Singapore operations staff participated.

CLI China deployed digital solutions in its EHS-related inspections, recording observations and EHS scores for each inspection and utilised Power BI to analyse them. Not only did this improve the team’s efficiency, it also enabled the management to have a holistic view of all observations and take appropriate actions to address any concerns on a portfolio basis.

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