CapitaLand Hope Foundation, the philanthropic arm of CapitaLand, was established in 2005 to further CapitaLand’s community development commitment to ‘Building People. Building Communities’, by recognising that the long-term success of the company’s business is closely intertwined with the health and prosperity of the communities in which it operates.  

Every year, CapitaLand allocates up to 0.5% of its net operating profit to the Foundation to promote social growth and development of underprivileged children with respect to their education, healthcare and shelter needs.  CapitaLand Hope Foundation is a registered charity in Singapore and strongly believes each child has within them the potential for greatness, which if nurtured and built upon, can bring significant value to future societies. 

Going beyond donations associated with charitable giving, the Foundation also focuses on giving time and attention to the children beneficiaries through advocating volunteerism.  The strong commitment of volunteers embodies CapitaLand’s mission to care for and contribute to the economic, environmental and social development of communities. 

CHF set up CapitaLand Hope Foundation (China) in 2011 to co-ordinate the Foundation's programmes and spearhead new initiatives in China. CHF has been donating to build Hope Schools across China, including China's first Green Hope School in Sichuan province. Please visit CapitaLand Hope Foundation (China) official site for more information. 

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