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Caton Technology – Sylvain Deslandes

Tell us the story of how your company came about.

Caton Technology was founded in 1997. Its initial project successfully solved the issue that service providers faced when moving high quality real-time video from one room to the other within a household via its Wi-Fi. The standard transmission protocols available in the industry back then were lacking.

Several years on and an investment of more than $10M and 400,000 engineering hours resulted in the development of a series of Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) that are unmatched in performance. Utilizing CTP as its core technology, CatonNet Video Platform (CVP) was designed as a highly available, low latency and secure service ensuring the reliable transmission of video without compromising on quality or speed. Today, CVP is a trusted platform that enables IP transmissions to over 60 countries worldwide. Some of the largest content creators, broadcasters, satellite operators and service providers are using CVP to securely deliver superior video to their customers locally, regionally, and globally. Beyond video, enterprises are also leveraging CTP for fast file/data transfer, enjoying transfer speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP.

Caton remains committed to its mission of connecting more business, applications, and people with its technology. Our capability to deliver broadcast-grade video and rapid file transfer over any IP network has enabled multiple use cases including live streaming of sporting events and concerts, telehealth medical diagnosis, remote surgical training, video surveillance, and even more emerging applications. The possibilities of potential use cases are endless, and the best connections are created with Caton.

What would you say is the biggest challenge you've faced in recent years?

Our team has been unanimous, Covid has been the biggest challenge for all, whichever perspective one takes.

Professionally first, we all faced tremendous constraints due to the uncertainty on when and whether the situation would settle down, and how each industry would cope. In my previous company, we saw revenue entirely evaporate in less than a quarter as we were serving sport competitions. It required a fair amount of resilience and drive to cope with such a sudden change of economic environment. Then personally, we found ourselves working from home instantly and unprepared. Parents faced the added challenge of doubling as teachers at home. It has been a struggle for time, space and sometimes resources. Countless parents can share the fight for the last available screen in the house for their next Zoom call! At last, mentally, we had to cope with stress, pressure, uncertainty all at once. I believe most of us welcomed the flexibility of working from home, but over time, we all felt we miss the physical interactions with colleagues, whether to collaborate, enjoy a team lunch or release the steam at after works drinks!

Yet, with every challenge comes an opportunity. For me, it was the chance to join Caton Technology and its talented team. We have a superb product helping companies address their data and video transmission challenges which have significantly increased following the pandemic. So we are very confident about our future.

How has the pandemic affected the way you work?

With everyone working from home, back-to-back online meetings is the norm. We feel the flexibility is certainly a plus and most people improved their productivity once settled and used to this new normal. But again, we miss the face-to-face interactions.

Besides, technology has become even more instrumental for our daily work lives. And connectivity is absolutely critical for anyone these days. Caton Technology actually provides services to improve efficiency and reduce latency in transmission of video and data. We constantly innovate to enhance quality and speed of connections while lowering costs.

Do you have any productivity hacks to share?

I think it all boils down to discipline and planning. Our IT gurus sync all their devices to never miss a thing and they can run demos on one screen while participating to a virtual meeting on the other! But for the more mundane people, we strive to plan and complete our to-do lists on daily basis and stick to the time scheduled in meetings. That said, if you want to elaborate on the subject, come at unit 715 and ask for KN, he will tell you all about the Eisenhower matrix!

Tell us your secret - how do you juggle work and other commitments?

Again, time management is the key so that works does not impede on your personal life. But our team also shared that finding something to take your mind off work is important. We no longer commute to and from work, so it is good to find something to disconnect. Sports, cooking, reading, everyone has their favourite. Personally, I have 3 boys who bring me back down to earth in no time!

Favourite recent read.

The things you can see only when you slow down - by Haemin Sunim. As the frontier between work and personal life blurs these days, this book offers a guide to well-being and a balance amid the overwhelming demands of everyday life.

Favourite place to chill around Bridge+ 79RR.

At Level 7, the café/seating area with a view of the port/sea. It is a beautiful place to hang out with visitors while having coffee.

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