#Pen4Hope is a global campaign under the #GivingAsOne initiative which brings messages of hope and encouragement to children and seniors that CapitaLand Hope Foundation supports!

The communities where CapitaLand operates penned words of encouragement for beneficiaries in Singapore, China, India, Malaysia and Vietnam. For every message submitted, CapitaLand Hope Foundation will donate SGD20​*.

You too can join us in this meaningful campaign by clicking here to submit your messages.

Find out about the recipients and the messages they received below!

​Children from Schools Supported by CapitaLand Hope Foundation in India

CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) has celebrated the launch of Hope School 2 Bangalore in India on 19 Sep 2022. CapitaLand Hope Foundation has donated to build and refurbish its first Hope School in India last year, to ensure primary school children from financially disadvantaged communities have access to education. 

This year, staff volunteers will be distributing school essentials to the students from the Hope Schools and other government schools that we are supporting. Laptops will also be donated and a new library will be set up at Hope School 2 Bangalore.

Your messages will be shared in these schools to encourage them to work hard while hoping for a better future!

Click the image below to zoom in and read the messages on the message board placed in the school!

Children from CapitaLand Hope Schools in China

CapitaLand Hope Foundation has donated to build and refurbish 25 Hope Schools in China to provide education for primary school students in rural communities and give them a hope for the future. CapitaLand volunteers have also organised trips to visit the students.

In September, volunteers visited CapitaLand Muchuan Green Hope School, our first green Hope School located in Sichuan to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with the children and engage them in a series of activities. The CapitaLand My First Schoolbag programme will also be distributing schoolbags and schooling essentials to students from other Hope Schools.​

​The messages will be displayed in the Hope Schools to encourage them to continue to have hope for their future and their education.

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Children from the CapitaLand-Bright Horizons Fund Ready-for-School Programme, Singapore

​The CapitaLand-Bright Horizons Fund Ready-for-School programme was launched in Singapore in 2019 to help NTUC First Campus' My First Skool pre-school children from low-income families to get ready for primary school.

Volunteers in Singapore have packed school bags and schooling essentials sponsored by CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) for the graduating K2 students under our support. Your messages will be displayed on a digital message board on the CHF website and shared with their parents so they can see your well-wishes for them as they prepare for their new journey into primary school ahead of them!

Check out the virtual message board below!


Hello! 😄 Never stop learning! Continue to study hard and one day, you will see a great future ahead of you! 🌈 Be happy and stay healthy! – Joanna (Singapore) // The past is a source of knowledge, and the future is a source of hope. Love of the past implies faith in the future. – Toh Lay Hong (Singapore) // Hello kids! Though this message, I would like to tell you all that I was just like you when I was your age and could come so far just because of discipline and hard work. I used to walk 8km a day to reach school. However, I never considered it as an issue may be because I was curious to learn and meet friends :-) My advice to you is that: Keep the spirits high, be disciplined, respect elders, listen to teachers, most importantly, ask questions. Last but not the least... KEEP SMILING!  – Sukanya Kanumuri (India) // One day you will grow up and become famous. But even then, always respect the seniors and honor your parents. – Anonymous (Vietnam) // Be Stronger! – Anonymous (Vietnam) // 
When someone tells you "It's impossible for life to be better", remember to pen it down and show the person this instead...."it's I M possible for life to be better" Sometimes it just takes a different view to look at things. Have a great day ahead! 😊 – Corrine Toh (Singapore) // Dear Children, the best way to predict your future is to create it. And the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. All the best! – Sharon Ng (Singapore) // Xin chào! Chúc các em sẽ có một năm học thú vị và ý nghĩa! – Linh (Vietnam) // Hope all children have the learning opportunity and go to school! – Tri (Vietnam) // Study smart, play hard. – XianYong (Singapore) // May smile always decorates your face, and love decorate your souls always! – From Kate With Love (Vietnam) // Hello sweetie, shine light, shine bright! 😀 – Jasmine (Singapore) // Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. – Bernard Ng (Malaysia) // Work hard. Dream Big. Never give up. – Auntie Flo (Singapore) //
Though there are doom and gloom stories happening everywhere in the world we are living right now, there are silver linings everywhere around us if you look a little closer. There are teachers transferring their knowledge to us, food on our table for every meal, medicine for us when we are sick, etc. Everything tend to go in cycles, bad times will eventually pass and there will be bright and sunny days for us to look forward to :) – Heng Kia Hing (Singapore) // The road will be long and bumpy but never forget that there will always be a helping hand available to make your journey happier and more enjoyable. 💪🏻💗 – Pei Yun (Singapore) // Hello boys and girls! You're born with a gift, a gift that is unique to you and you only. Grow up healthy and strong and discover that gift within you, you're special in your own way. 😊 – Priscilla (Singapore) 

Seniors under #LoveOurSeniors, Singapore

​#LoveOurSeniors is an initiative in Singapore to support seniors in the community who are frail and vulnerable; some facing daily life challenges such as mobility difficulties, isolation and lack of adequate support due to family circumstances.

CapitaLand Hope Foundation has been providing them with specially curated meals and nutritious bread since March 2021, delivered to them with the help of staff and community volunteers. As part of #GivingAsOne, we have prepared essential​ care packs for the seniors and providing home improvement works for the selected elderly.

​Your messages will bring warmth to these seniors by letting them know that we care for and are here for them even as they face the difficulties in life.

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Children from CapitaLand Hope Schools in Vietnam

CapitaLand Hope Foundation has donated to build and refurbish 4 Hope Schools in Vie​tnam to provide primary and kindergarten education students in rural communities.​

As part of the #GivingAsOne initiative, we will kickstart a Nutrition Programme for the students in the four CapitaLand Primary Hope Schools and Kindergartens, to provide milk to the students to improve their nutritional intake. We will also be holding health screening for the students and offering trainings to the teachers.

Your messages will be distributed to the children to encourage them to continue their passion for education.

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Underserved Children Supported by #GivingBersama in Malaysia

As part of the #GivingAsOne initiative in Malaysia, we continue to reach out to underserved children via the local CSR initiative, #GivingBersama. #GivingBersama is an initiative in Malaysia to support underserved children with their daily necessities, groceries, meals and online educational needs. We hope the messages will be distributed to the children to encourage them to keep hoping amidst the pandemic situation and to continue their passion for education.

*Capped at SGD20,000.