Growing Sustainably

As a responsible company, CLI places sustainability at the core of what we do and have committed to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Our commitment to increasing sustainability across our global enterprise is driven by CapitaLand Group’s 2030 Sustainability Master Plan. Its framework centres on three themes. 
  • build


    A resilient and resource-efficient real estate portfolio
  • icon-enable


    Thriving and future-adaptive communities to grow
  • icon-accelerate


    Sustainability innovation and collaboration
Collectively, these three themes drive our sustainability efforts towards areas where CapitaLand can make the most positive material impact for the environment and society. Read more about the CapitaLand Sustainability Master Plan, our framework and our targets here.
  • Generating Value in Six Capitals

    The values CapitaLand Group will create as we move towards 2030 is based on the six ‘capitals’ as defined by the International Integrated Reporting Council1.
  • Manufactured

  • Environmental

  • Social and Relationship

  • Human

  • Financial

  • Organisational

The multi-capital approach provides an expanded view of the ways CapitaLand creates value for multiple stakeholders. A new metric CapitaLand Group is developing – Return on Sustainability (ROS) – will allow us to quantify the value created through our sustainability efforts.

Adapted from the six capitals defined by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).