With CapitaLand Singapore’s Purchaser Enquiry System (PRES), homebuyers are updated on the status of their development’s construction and their progress payment schedule
With CapitaLand Singapore’s Purchaser Enquiry System (PRES), homebuyers are updated on the status of their development’s construction and their progress payment schedule

Using technology to make service more responsive and interactive, and work more effective and efficient, that was the impetus behind two of CapitaLand Singapore’s customer-centric web portals. The newer service is CapitaCommercial Trust’s online Car Park System; while the Purchaser Enquiry System for new residential properties has been serving happy CapitaLand hombuyers for 10 years. Both deliver on their promise of ease and accessibility to the end users.

Enhanced Means of Getting Information About New Homes

The Purchaser Enquiry System (PRES) was developed about 10 years ago and enhanced over the years in line with buyers' changing needs and advances in web technology. PRES allows homebuyers to stay updated on the status of their development’s construction and their progress payment schedule. It features project information, specifications and floor plans of units for viewing and downloading, an online feedback channel so buyers can share their views of the service.

Now, this self-service website offers even greater sophistication in the simulation of the properties thanks to advances in web technology. The images are of higher resolution, the audio is richer, virtual tours have been included for select properties, and information is now available in dual language.

In 2012, a booking module was added, allowing owners to book their handover appointments online. The Wharf Residence was the first to benefit from this new function. This year, there are two new modules: an owner’s information guide on taking over their property and a wide range of promotional deals for homeowners. The deals are particularly handy, with moving and home enhancement services, as well as promotions on electrical appliances, furniture and soft furnishings.

A More Convenient and Faster Way to Secure Season Parking Lots

Toss out the paper and say good-bye to long-drawn manual processes. CapitaCommercial Trust (CCT) recently launched the CCT Car Park System, an online service that lets customers manage their season parking spaces anytime, anywhere instantaneously.

Previously, securing season parking spaces at CapitaLand’s commercial properties was done manually, including completing application forms with supporting documents and queuing up after to have them processed. All transactions, such as, cancellations or updates of particulars had to be performed manually at the Tenant Service Centre.

Similarly, staff had to manually manage thousands of applications, renewals, refunds, cancellations, customers on waitlist, payment reminders and all other queries.

Ms Lynette Leong, CEO of CapitaCommercial Trust Management Limited shares why CCT chose to embark on this initiative. “We wanted to provide better customer service and improve operational efficiency. We also wanted to improve turnaround time for each of the processes and free our staff to perform more tenant engagement activities.”

The CCT Car Park System was launched in August for Golden Shoe Car Park, CCT’s largest car park in the Central Business District. Customers can now apply for season parking spaces, make payment, cancel their advance booking and get a refund for advanced payment, update contact details, request to change vehicle particulars, track application status, and receive renewal reminders online. Tenants will continue to enjoy preferential parking rates at selected buildings and priority queuing. In addition, for organisations with a corporate account, season parking administrators can expect further conveniences, such as easier online payment for multiple season parking lots.

With most of the processes now automated, staff no longer have to deal with laborious paperwork. The CCT Car Park System also has an auto-allocation capability, which will allocate lots to those on the waitlist using an algorithm.

Capital Tower, Six Battery Road, One George Street and Wilkie Edge will also adopt the Car Park System by the end of this year.

Technology can make business and life so much more efficient. When coupled with imagination and a commitment to enhance customer service, it can create a win-win situation for all.