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Esquire Kitchen is well known for their “soft and fluffy” Flower Buns , our delicious signature dish ‘Tung Po Meat ’, Stir-Fried Paprika Chicken with Cashew Nuts , Wuxi Spare Ribs , Pork Strips SzeChuan Style , Double Cooked Pork Sze Chuan Style , Sze Chuan Sour and Spicy Soup and Shanghainese Fried and Steamed Dumplings . For Shanghainese Noodle fans, the favourites are Fried Sauce Noodle , Char Choy Pork Strips Noodles w/ Pork Chop , Braised Pork Noodles and Fried Shanghainese Noodles .
Our daily-made fresh Soya Milk and ‘Tau Fu Fah are the most sellable drink and dessert. Our Soya Milk and ‘Tau Fu Fah are made every morning at the restaurant itself.
Pastries are also sold at the restaurant: Siu Bao 烧包, Kaya Puff 加央角, Wife Biscuit 老婆饼, Santa Cake 西湖凉糕 are all made by Esquire Kitchen. Pastries are baked at the restaurant every day to retain the freshness of the pastries. Santa Cake is another “Must Try”. Santa Cake is actually a “Kuih” with Red Bean Paste made by Esquire Kitchen since 1974. 


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