Sushi Raku Sushi Raku: Christmas & New Year Special Menu

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16 Nov - 31 Dec
For the year end Christmas & New Year, Sushi Raku has prepared a Christmas & New Year Special Menu. We hope our festival dishes could bring you "Happiness and Healthy" share and celebrate with your loved ones.

Christmas Snow House
Sushi Raku’s “Christmas Snow House” gets its inspiration from the Nordic winter scene, we hope this dish could bring you a Snow-white Winter feel. Using spicy salmon, egg, crab stick, and salmon roe, paired with olive black truffle sauce and tobiko parsley mayo sauce which gets a mix flavour of unique taste and exquisite style, our Snow House Salmon Roll will definitely provide you an unforgettable Christmas night and it’s a must-try dish from our special menu.

Colourful Assorted Sushi Ball, delicate and kawaii
Here comes our “Colourful Assorted Sushi Ball” with its super cute looking and rich ingredients, including salmon, bluefin tuna, yellowtail and other rare fishes, topping with caviar, yuzu, Hanaho, etc. It looks like a flourishing garden with various beautiful flowers and the icing sugar on the dinner plate makes the whole dish even more beautiful.

Taiyo Set, Tuna lovers’ No.1 Top list
If you are a Tuna-holic, you will sure not miss out our Taiyo Set, a collection of Tuna sushi, sushi rolls and warships plus salmon roe warship all in one box. The bright red colour tuna plus the red salmon roe warship, making our Taiyo Set a red and warming one, prefect for celebrating festivals.

Kikyou Set
One of our representative sets with special styles and rich ingredients: salmon, fried soft-shell crab, sakura shrimp with cheese, lobster and mango, etc. Crispy on the outside layer with the tenderness of fish inside; different ingredients mixing together to give you surprise for each bite.

Luxurious Black Truffle & Abalone Yu Sheng
Sushi Raku proud to introduce our Deluxe Lo Hei with Fresh Black truffle sliced, Abalone with Gold Flake and Fresh Norway Salmon. The luxurious ingredient - wild black truffle, well known as "black diamond", is direct air-flown from Italy and smells fresh & charming on the dining table. Besides, high-quality abalones placed in the centre of platter with shining Gold Flake, forming our Deluxe Lo Hei set full of luxurious and fortune, wishing you a prosperous and wealthy year ahead.

Christmas & New year is a season of Love, Hope and Joy. Sushi Raku festival special menu would like to offer our customers a brand-new dining experience, welcoming the new year with best wishes.

Sushi Raku wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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