Art-Zoo Inflatable Park Preview Tour

Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i LIGHT MARINA BAY 2018 is back bigger and better this year as it returns with a brand new line-up of inflatable characters! This largest experiential inflatable playground lets you experience a colourful and magical world, and have fun with larger-than-life animals, plants and mythical creatures. Happening at The Float @ Marina Bay from 9 March to 1 April 2018, bounce and have your imagination run wild at Art-Zoo Inflatable Park!

The good news is... before Art-Zoo Inflatable Park begins, you get to catch an exclusive preview of selected animal inflatables that Art-Zoo is introducing, right at these six CapitaLand Malls: Bedok Mall, Bugis+, JCube, Plaza Singapura, Raffles City and Westgate! The Art-Zoo animals are roaming around Singapore to say hi, so don’t miss out on interacting with them.

Dates: 12-25 February 2018

Time: 11am – 9pm

Bedok Mall, B2 Main Atrium
Bugis+, L2 Main Atrium
JCube, L5 J-Stage
Plaza Singapura, L1 Front Plaza (Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm)
Raffles City, L1 Quartzite (the inflatable will be open on 13 Feb 2018) 
Westgate, L1 The Courtyard

Spend a minimum of $30* in a single receipt and redeem an entry for one to play on the inflatable. CapitaStar members can also redeem an entry coupon to the inflatable with 1,000 STAR$®* through the CapitaStar app. E-coupons will be available on the app for redemption from 9 Feb. American Express® CapitaCard members can redeem an entry for two with minimum $30* in a single receipt charged to the card. New sign-ups for American Express CapitaCard during the promotion period can redeem an entry for two at the mall’s sign-up booth for free.


Yellow Woods @ Bedok Mall

Pink Lagoon @ Bugis+

Orange Rocks @ JCube

Green River @ Plaza Singapura

Red Reefs @ Raffles City

Checkmates @ Westgate

Art-Zoo Tickets & Premiums Lucky Dip

12 Feb – 25 Feb

Spend $120* to take part in a sure-win lucky dip to win either an Art-Zoo Inflatable Park event ticket or an Art-Zoo premium. While stocks last. American Express CapitaCard members need to only charge $100* to the card to participate.
*Max 3 same-day same-mall combined receipts. 

Special Entry Discount to Art-Zoo Inflatable Park

9 Mar – 1 Apr

CapitaStar members enjoy 10% discount on Art-Zoo Inflatable Park tickets. American Express CapitaCard members enjoy 15% discount. Charge to your American Express CapitaCard or flash your e-card on the CapitaStar app to enjoy the discount upon purchase at Art-Zoo Inflatable Park at The Float @ Marina Bay from 9 March.

For more information about Art-Zoo, please visit

  • *Art-Zoo Inflatable Park Preview Tour at CapitaLand Malls Redemption and Sure-Win Lucky Dip Redemption Terms and Conditions

    1. The Promotions

    a. The Art-Zoo Inflatable Park Preview Tour at CapitaLand Malls (“Promotion 1”) and Art-Zoo Tickets & Premiums Lucky Dip Redemption (“Promotion 2”) and Discount on Art-Zoo Tickets ("Promotion 3") are organized by CapitaLand Retail Management Pte Ltd (“CRMPL”). Pico Art International Pte Ltd & Ultimate Entertainments Group (hereinafter known as “Operator”) own and operate the Art-Zoo Inflatables. 

    b. The Promotions are valid from 12 to 25 February 2018, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”).

    Participation in the Promotions constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

    2. Eligibility

    The Promotions are open to CapitaStar Member of at least 16 years old on the date they sign up for the CapitaStar Rewards Programme and/or American Express® CapitaCard members (“Participant”) 

    3. Art-Zoo Inflatable Park Preview Tour at CapitaLand Malls  ("Promotion 1")

    a. The participating malls for Art-Zoo Inflatable Park Preview Tour at CapitaLand Malls are Bedok Mall (B2, Main Atrium), Bugis+ (L2, Main Atrium), JCube (L5, J-Stage), Plaza Singapura (L1, Front Plaza), Raffles City (L1, External Quartzite) and Westgate (L1, The Courtyard).

    b. A CapitaStar Member can redeem entry to bounce on the Art Zoo Inflatable as follows:

    i. Redeem one (1) entry for every spend of S$30 in a single receipt at the respective participating malls. Every $30 spend entitles to entry of one person up to a maximum entry of four (4) people per redemption.


    ii. Redeem one (1) entry with an e-coupon purchased with 1,000 STAR$® through the CapitaStar app. Limited to the first 1,000 redemptions per mall, and each CapitaStar member is limited to one redemption per mall. Each coupon is limited to entry of one person. 

    c. For American Express® CapitaCard members, members could redeem an entry for two (2) to bounce on the Art-Zoo inflatable for every spend of S$30 charged to the card in a single receipt at the respective participating malls. Limited to maximum of four (4) entrants per redemption. 

    d. All redemptions must be made at the respective locations of the inflatables at the malls on a first-come, first-served basis and while stocks last.

    e. Children under 18 years of age are permitted to enter the venue unaccompanied but must be supervised. 

    f. The Operator reserves the right to refuse entry or remove guests from the inflatables for vandalism, stealing, offensive behavior, queue line jumping, failure to properly supervise persons under your care, failure to follow safety instructions or failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions. 

    g. CRMPL and the Operator accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or injury whatsoever when participating in any of its activities or attractions however, the Operator takes all reasonable steps to provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience at the venues. 

    h. There are inherent risks in the participation of the preview tour. You, by your participation, accept the inherent risks of which a prudent person is or should be aware. You should consider this participation an exercise in good judgement and act in a responsible manner while using the facility and in accordance with all guidelines and safety instructions. 

    i. You must act with good judgement and consideration, both for yourself and others, and refrain from behaviour which could affect your safety, the safety of others, the safety of the attraction.

    j. For your safety and comfort there are height, weight, age and capacity restrictions on some of the inflatables. Where applicable, signage will be displayed at the attraction entrance in pictorial form and English language.

    k. All loose articles must be removed before partaking in the preview tour. 

    l. By participating in the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park Preview Tour,  each American Express CapitaCard Member, to the fullest extent permitted by law, releases, waives and discharges American Express and their directors, officers, agents, servants, contractors  and employees from, and covenant not to sue any of them for, any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or in relation to any loss, damage or injury including death, that may be sustained by the participant howsoever caused.

    m. Pregnant women, and those with casts or pre-existing health issues should not participate. Participants must be in good health and free from any potentially adverse medical conditions. You should seek medical advice if uncertain. It is important for all customers to declare any of the following medical conditions before partaking in the preview tour to the Operator. Please note this does not necessarily exclude a person from bouncing on the inflatables. However, the operator reserves the right to deny you access to the inflatables in the event that you suffer from the following conditions.

    • Pregnancy

    • Heart Conditions

    • Recent Sprains or Muscular Injuries

    • Back Pain or Chronic Back Pain and conditions

    • Panic/Anxiety Attacks

    • High Or Low Blood Pressure

    • Bone Disorders

    • Fragile Skin

    • Dislocations

    • Diabetes

    • Epilepsy, especially PSE

    • Prosthetics- includes Cosmetic Implants

    • Neurological Disorders

    • Disabled

    • Physical impairment

    • Other physical illness that could aggravate by partaking in the attraction or activity.

    n. Appropriate attire must be worn at all times.

    o. You must not participate in or on any activity or attraction, when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    p. Further specific restrictions may be displayed at the venues via signage announcements and or staff communication and you must obey these.

    q. You must obey all reasonable written and verbal instructions and warnings, given by the Operator or its venue staff.

    r. You are responsible for your own personal property.

    4. Art-Zoo Tickets/Premiums Sure-Win Lucky Dip Redemption ("Promotion 2")

    a. The participating malls for Promotion_2 are Bedok Mall, Bugis+, JCube, Plaza Singapura, Raffles City and Westgate.

    b. Spend a minimum of $120 (or a minimum of $100 charged to your American Express CapitaCard) at the respective participating malls to take part in a sure-win lucky dip. Limited to a maximum of three-combined, same-day, same-mall receipts.

    c. Each member is limited to one redemption per mall per day.

    d. All redemptions must be made at the respective concierge or customer service counters at the malls on a first-come, first-served basis and while stocks last.

    e. Prizes in the sure-win lucky dip include Art-Zoo tickets or Art-Zoo premiums. The prizes are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and are non-exchangeable for credit, goods or benefits in kind. The Management of CapitaLand Mall Asia reserves the right to replace prize with items of similar value.

    5. Discount Offer on Art-Zoo Tickets ("Promotion 3") 

    a.Promotion_3 is applicable to CapitaStar and American Express CapitaCard members. CapitaStar members enjoy a 10% discount by flashing the e-card in the CapitaStar app upon purchase. American Express CapitaCard members enjoy a 15% discount when charged to the card upon purchase. CapitaStar and American Express CapitaCard members can only enjoy the discount on tickets purchased on site at the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park at The Float @ Marina Bay from 9 March. The discount does not apply for purchase of tickets through third party ticketing provider or online booking.  

    b. The discount offered to CapitaStar and American Express CapitaCard members cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, offer or discount. 

    c. The Operator operates a no-refunds policy for all cancellations, non-attendances and back outs due to any reason. A voucher may be issued in certain circumstances at the site in the event of wet weather or such like. This is entirely at the discretion of the Operator. Please refer to the website for details on operation hours. 

    6. American Express CapitaCard Sign Up Promotion

    a. Applicable to new American Express CapitaCard applied between 12 to 25 February 2018 (both dates inclusive) and approved by 25 February 2018. Individuals who cancelled their American Express® Cards within the last six (6) months are not eligible for this promotion.

    b. To qualify, Cards need to be signed up via application forms obtained from American Express CapitaCard Roadshow booths between 12 to 25 February (excluding 16 and 17 February 2018) at: Bugis Junction (L1), Raffles City (L1), Westgate (L2) and Plaza Singapura (L1, between 19 to 25 February 2018)

    c. Upon successful application of the American Express CapitaCard, receive Sign up Bonus: Complimentary entry for two (2) to Art-Zoo Inflatable Park Preview Tour at the respective CapitaLand Malls where you have signed up from.

    7. General

    a. Redemption to be made on the same day of purchase. 

    b. Receipts for SingPost transactions, parking coupons, CashCard / stored value cards top-up, membership card, CapitaVoucher or shops’ vouchers, SISTIC transactions, AXS / SAM machines transactions, bill payments, lottery tickets, movie tickets, tickets from pawn shops, money changer, bank, financial services, push carts and atrium roadshow are not applicable for redemptions.

    c. Redemption qualifying amount is based on nett purchase after any other rebates (eg. Credit Card rebate) made.

    d. NETS or credit/debit card transaction slips are not acceptable.

    e. Members must be personally present with your original receipt(s), charged slip(s) and either your e-card on the CapitaStar app or charged card (American Express CapitaCard) at the point of redemption for verification and record purposes.

    f. Receipts can only be used ONCE for one activity/promotion and not valid for multiple activities/promotions.

    g. CRMPL reserves the right to see all purchases made by shoppers before granting redemption(s).

    h. CRMPL reserves all rights to substitute the gifts/ prizes with another gift/ product/ service of similar value.

    i. Items must be taken as they are and are strictly not refundable or exchangeable for another product or cash.

    j. CRMPL’s decision is deemed as final and no correspondence shall be entertained. 

    k. CRMPL & the Operator reserves the right to amend or change the conditions at any time without prior notice.

    l. By participating in these promotions, you consent to CapitaLand Mall Asia Limited, its subsidiaries, related corporations (collectively, the "Companies") and all trusts sponsored, owned or managed by any of the Companies (collectively, “CMA Group”), and CMA Group’s agents, business partners and authorised service providers collecting, using, disclosing and/or processing this personal data, in order to:

    i. Inform you via email, SMS, telephone and other means of communication (including via all and any of your Singapore telephone numbers in any of our records from time to time) about the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park Preview Tour and Sure-Win Lucky Dip.

    ii. You further agree that the consents granted herein do not supersede or replace any other consents which you may have previously provided to CMA Group in respect of your personal data, and are additional to any rights which CMA Group may have at law to collect, use or disclose your personal data.

    m. Information stated is correct at the time of printing and is subject to change without prior notice.