• How do I participate in CapitaVerse?

    CapitaVerse will be held in Decentraland. To visit CapitaVerse: 

    Enter the URL www.capitaverse.com between Wed 5 April 7pm - Thu 6 April 5pm in your browser. VIP early access for CapitaStar members and Media starts from 5pm on 5 April 2023. 

    Select “Play using your wallet” or via “Guest account”. It’s recommended to play using a wallet as guest accounts would not retain items collected. 

    If you do not have a wallet, set up your metamask wallet. (Tip: Please save your seed phrase somewhere safe. If you need to restore your wallet, this will be needed)

    If it is your first time accessing Decentraland, you will need to create a username and avatar.

    Once your wallet is connected, you will be teleported straight into Capitaverse. Have fun exploring!

  • What is Decentraland?

    Pioneers of the metaverse, Decentraland is the first-ever 3D virtual world, powered by the Ethereum blockchain that exists in parallel to our physical world. In this virtual social world, create an account and an avatar to enter the metaverse with other users and immerse yourself in this parallel virtual experience with CapitaLand malls.

  • What is a MetaMask wallet?

    It is a free crypto wallet and browser extension that lets you create, explore and trade digital assets - all with robust security.

  • What equipment or software do I need to visit CapitaVerse in Decentraland?

    For the best user experience on Decentraland, create an account and link your MetaWallet before the event. Additionally, these are the minimum hardware specs required to successfully run the Decentraland explorer: 

    The minimum requirements differ depending on if you’re running Decentraland via a web browser, or if you’re running a locally installed desktop client. The desktop client has considerably lower requirements, as it’s not limited by the browser.

    Note: Decentraland currently does not run on any mobile devices.

    1. Web browser
      • Minimum GPU: Intel HD/UHD 9th gen or equivalent / Recommended GPU: Geforce 900 series or equivalent
    2. Locally installed desktop client for Windows & Mac (BETA)
      • Minimum GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6700 series or equivalent / Recommended GPU: AMD Radeon RX 500 series or equivalent
      • Minimum GPU MEMORY: 1GB / Recommended GPU MEMORY: 4GB
      • Minimum RAM: 4GB / Recommended RAM: 16GB
    3. Hardware requirements: 
      • Access via a relatively new PC or high-performance Mac (for example Macbook Pro) running on Chrome, Firefox or Brave, with a decent amount of power, internet connection and graphics card is recommended due to the 3D environment. Decentraland currently does not run on mobile devices, tablets or iPads.

    Hardware accelerations:

    Configure your browser and/or operating system to have access to all of your machine’s potential to run Decentraland. 

    For chromium-based browsers like Chrome, please refer to the below steps: 

    1.     Open browser

    2.     Click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the browser and click on “Settings” 

    3.     Click on “Advanced” to expand it and then click on “System” 

    4.     Toggle the switch to enable “Use hardware acceleration when available.” 

    5.     Restart the browser 

    For more info and troubleshooting:





    Decentraland Troubleshooting guide

    What should I do if I encounter the following: 

    • Lagging in the CapitaVerse experience

    • Missing or incomplete visuals

    • Inability to load 

    Ensure your computer has the recommended system specifications in Point 4 above. 

    You may also try these steps:

    a. Update your Chromium-based browser 

    i.Open browser

    ii.Click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the browser and click on “Settings” 

    iii.Click “About Chrome”. It will automatically check and update your browser if any new version is available 

    iv.Click on “Relaunch” after the update

    b. Update your Firefox browser

    i.Open browser

    ii.Click on the three vertical line on the top right corner of the browser and click on “Help” 

    iii.Click on “About Firefox”. It will automatically check and update your browser if any new version is available

    c. Clear cache and temporary files on your browser 

    i.Open browser 

    ii.Click on “History” 

    iii.Click on “Clear browsing data” 

    iv.Check “Cached images and files”, then click “Clear data”

    d. Disable all other extensions on your browser

    e. Make sure the internet connection is stable. Decentraland recommends at least 10 Mbps internet speed. Search “my internet speed” on your browser and run a speed test to check your internet speed.


  • What if I do not have any optimal set-up (equipment or software) to visit CapitaVerse in Decentraland?

    Fret not! Join in the fun as we livestream on Wed 5 Apr, 7.30pm - 10pm.

    Tune in via Bandwagon's Youtube

  • Do I need a MetaMask wallet to participate in CapitaVerse?

    To enjoy the full Decentraland experience, we highly recommend getting yourself a free digital wallet (MetaMask) that works as your personal account, keeping all your digital assets (such as names, wearables), receive rewards (such as NFT Attendance Pass) and track in-world progress.

    If you choose to explore Decentraland as a guest (without a wallet), your information will not be locally stored: guests will be able to walk around, participate in the virtual hunt, enjoy the performances, chat with others in-world, but you won’t get to collect wearables/ NFT Attendance Pass/ win prizes or log in with a different device using the same Guest ID and Avatar.

    For more info:



  • How do I create my own MetaMask wallet?

    It’s free and it only takes 3 simple steps! Follow this tutorial for more info.

  • How do I navigate CapitaVerse?

    Familiarise yourself with moving your avatar around, the system is similar to most computer-based games:

    • Direct your gaze using the mouse.

    • Move around using the arrows or W-A-S-D keys to walk. 

    • To walk slowly, hold Shift and use the arrow keys or W-A-S-D to walk.

    • Press V to switch between first and third-person views.

    • Press the Spacebar to jump. 

    Click on the 🤙🏼 shaka button or press B to bring up a selection of emotes that your avatar can do. You can also customise the wheel of emotes that show up by pressing B → E

    If you are not familiar, or you forget any controls, just press C to bring up a reminder of them.

  • What is a NFT Attendance Pass and how can I claim my own NFT Attendance Pass?

    The NFT Attendance Pass is a unique digital collectible and a new way of keeping a reliable record of life experiences. Collect your NFT Attendance Pass at the NFT Attendance Pass dispenser on Level 1 of CapitaVerse to enjoy real world privileges from participating brands. To claim the NFT Attendance Pass, simply connect your MetaMask wallet.


  • What is an NFT?

    A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a digital asset used to represent ownership of unique items or access, whether digital or physical. Most commonly they are used for digital collectibles, like wearables. Ownership and transfer of an NFT are secured by the Ethereum blockchain, which ensures that one NFT only has one owner at any given time and that nobody can modify the history of the token’s ownership.

  • How can I qualify for the “CapitaStar Exclusive” promotion and redeem a free wearable NFT and $5 eCapitaVoucher?

    Eligible Shoppers must spend a min. of S$100 (min. S$20 per receipt) from 24 March to 4 April 2023 at participating CapitaLand malls to receive a code via push notification in the CapitaStar app. Enter the code to claim the free wearable in CapitaVerse, available for the first 3,000 redemptions.

    A bonus $5 eCapitaVoucher reward code would be revealed upon successful wearable redemption for the 1st 100 members. Key in the reward code on your CapitaStar app to redeem your eCapitaVoucher by 4 June 2023. The eCapitaVoucher in your CapitaStar wallet will expire 93 days from the date of keying in the reward code.


  • Where do I key in the reward code on my CapitaStar app to redeem the eCapitaVoucher?

    Step 1: Launch your CapitaStar App and tap on the top left corner to access the side menu. 

    Step 2: Tap on the “Reward Code” section. 

    Step 3: Key in your reward code issued to you on your CapitaStar app under the “Transactions” tab, and tap on “Claim Reward”!

    All eCapitaVouchers awarded under CapitaVerse will expire in three (3) months from date of issuance. Strictly no extension and (or) refund for expired eCapitaVouchers.

    For more info on eCapitaVouchers and how to redeem, visit here.


  • Do I need to be a member to participate in the “CapitaStar Exclusive” promotion?

    This promotion is exclusive to members of CapitaStar Rewards Programme residing in Singapore. All users can download the CapitaStar mobile application and sign up as a member to qualify and participate in this promotion.

  • Which are the participating malls for the “CapitaStar Exclusive” promotion?

    Aperia (A)

    Bedok Mall (BM)

    Bukit Panjang Plaza (BPP)

    Bugis+ (B+)

    Bugis Junction (BJ)

    CQ @ Clarke Quay (CQ) 

    Funan (FN)

    IMM (IMM)

    Junction 8 (J8)

    Lot One Shoppers’ Mall (LO)

    Plaza Singapura (PS)

    Raffles City Singapore (RCS)

    Tampines Mall (TM)

    The Atrium @ Orchard (TAO)

    Westgate (WG)


  • How soon will my prizes won in CapitaVerse be sent to me?

    Prizes will be sent to eligible winners via their provided email within 7 working days after the event, unless otherwise stated.

  • What is the validity period of my CapitaVerse prizes?

    All eCapitaVoucher awarded under CapitaVerse will expire in three (3) months from date of issuance. Strictly no extension and/or refund for expired eCapitaVouchers. 

    All STAR$® awarded under CapitaVerse will expire in one (1) year from date of issuance. Strictly no extension and/or refund for expired STAR$®.

    For the virtual hunt prizes,  please refer to your prize redemption email that will be sent within 7 working days after the event, unless otherwise stated. Refer to Other Terms & Conditions for more details.

  • There is an error message when I enter the reward code into the CapitaStar mobile application.

    The reward codes are unique and can only be redeemed once. In addition, please check that you have entered them correctly into the CapitaStar mobile application. For enquiries, you may reach out to our hotline at 6631-9931 (Mon to Sun, 10am-6pm) or email us at retail@capitaland.com.