Green Opportunities from Retrofitting Heritage Buildings - Singapore

In August 2022, CQ @ Clarke Quay underwent an asset enhancement initiative (AEI) to transform into a day-and-night destination. The AEI is expected to be completed by 3Q 2023.

Improving operational efficiency and integrating more sustainable building features accounts for about 34% of the total project cost. Retaining the cultural identity and social value of the heritage site while improving environmental performance is also a focus of the AEI. Its sustainable features will include:

  • Upgrading of chiller to make it 30% more efficient, achieving the industry best practice of better than 0.6kW/RT.
  • Upgrading of existing canopies to better-performing ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) membrane canopies, which will further reduce solar heat gain by approximately 70% as compared to the existing version to enhance the daytime comfort of the outdoor areas. The iconic bluebell-shaped canopies along the river promenade will also be fitted with enhanced polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes to improve thermal comfort.
  • New omni-directional fans will replace the existing single-directional fans to further enhance air circulation, while reducing energy consumption by approximately 50%. The new fans will be equipped with nozzles to release evaporative cooling mists, which targets to lower ambient temperatures by approximately 2°C.
  • Existing steel and concrete structures in the canopies were retained and in extending the operational lifespan of these components, about 1,000 tonnes of embodied carbon that will be used in building of new structures was potentially avoided.
  • As a conserved heritage site, profiling its rich history is part of the AEI as well. Upgraded steps that double up as seats will be added to the landing of Read Bridge which was historically a social gathering place for storytelling, alongside a new accessibility ramp with lookout points. Heritage panels, cast iron manhole covers and bronze plate tiles narrating the history of the Clarke Quay precinct will be displayed throughout the area to engage visitors. The BCA Green Mark certification of CQ @ Clarke Quay was elevated to Green Mark GoldPLUS.

More details in the press release here.

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