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Chinese Cuisine , Soup , Roasted Specialties

Dian Xiao Er was conceptualised based on the idea to provide a rest stop for guests to seek shelter and refreshment, and its name comes from the tradition of calling waiters “Xiao Er” in a teahouse. 

Dian Xiao Er’s specialty boasts their combination of the best quality of Cherry Valley ducks and a variety of herbs that is carefully marinated and roasted to the perfect juiciness. Dian Xiao Er’s Herbal Roasted Duck are immersed in a nourishing blend of spices and herbs, roasted slowly over charcoal fire to retain all its wonderful tastes. Their ducks feature crispy golden skin on the outside while the inner meat remains tender and full of herbal flavour. Their Signature Roast Duck dishes include Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb and Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herbs, which features herbs like Condonopsis Root, Foxglove Root and Licorice Root. Other signature dishes like Seafood Combo with Assorted Vegetables, Mongolian Spare Ribs and Silver Cod Fish in Superior Soy Sauce are available as well. 

Visit Dian Xiao Er at Junction 8 for a lovely and ravishing meal with family and friends today!

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