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Hailing all the way from South Korea, Eat Pizza cooks up piping hot pizza a la minute, made to your order in as short as 5 minutes. Its pizzas are fast, convenient and tasty, created to be grab-and-go in a long rectangular shape of a fulfilling 25cm. The special shape makes it convenient to eat with one hand when alone and great for sharing to try a multitude of flavours when with a group of friends. Flavours come in over 10 enticing variations, including Sweet Potato Pizza, Crispy Potato Bacon Pizza and house signature Hot Spicy Chicken Pizza. Every outlet boasts its own exclusive flavors, with PLQ offering the unique taste of Kimchi Bulgogi and 313 featuring the delectable Triple Cheese. Every pizza is made with high protein dough and extra virgin olive oil, topped with 100% natural cheese and only the freshest, primest ingredients. 

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