Live It Up! Mass Boxing Yoga

Event details

06 Jul - 13 Jul
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Participants can enjoy the dynamic fusion of Boxing Yoga, a combination of intense boxing and tranquil yoga sessions. They will experience traditional boxing techniques to tone the body and work up a sweat, followed by a calming yoga practice that promotes relaxation and centeredness. Participants will have to bring their own yoga mat for the activity. This event is brought to you by the Health Promotion Board and organised as part of Live It Up!, CapitaLand's Wellness and Community Festival. 

6 July - Plaza 8@CBP, L1 Amphitheatre
13 July - Plaza Singapura, L1 The Courtyard 

Each participant will receive an exclusive door gift with compliments from Thursday Plantation.

How to sign up (via the Healthy 365 mobile app)?
Step 1: Launch the Healthy 365 mobile app
Step 2: Tap 'Explore' 
Step 3: Tap 'Events' 
Step 4: Type 'LIU: Boxing Yoga' in the search bar
Step 5: Tap 'Book now'

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