The Live It Up! Collective – Archery Shootout

Event details

21 Jun
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
This programme provides an opportunity for parents and children to bond through the exciting activity of Archery Shootout. This captivating and precision-focused sporting event showcases the skill and accuracy of archers. Participants can aim strategically placed targets in a carefully designed range, creating an exhilarating experience. This event is brought to you by the Health Promotion Board and organised as part of Live It Up!, CapitaLand's Wellness and Community Festival. 

Each participant will receive an exclusive door gift with compliments from Thursday Plantation.

Capacity: 30 teams (A team includes a parent and a child)

How to sign up (via the Healthy 365 mobile app)?
Step 1: Launch the Healthy 365 mobile app
Step 2: Tap 'Explore' 
Step 3: Tap 'Events' 
Step 4: Type 'LIU: Archery Shootout' in the search bar
Step 5: Tap 'Book now'

*This is a parent-child event that requires the participation of at least 1 child. Please add your child to your account.
*The minimum age requirement is 7 years old on the event day

Location: Aperia 

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