Monster Curry

Founded in 2012, Monster Curry is one of the few casual Japanese restaurant chains in Singapore that specialises in Japanese curry. Since then, Monster Curry has proven itself in the F&B industry in Singapore, becoming the go-to Japanese casual restaurant for many Japanese curry enthusiasts. Its house-made “demi-glace” Japanese curry sauce is made from 14 different spices and vegetables, and takes a full 2 days to prepare, alternating between boiling and resting, to derive a unique taste popular amongst Singaporeans. In addition, Monster Curry provides a unique approach to curry by providing different levels of spiciness so as to cater to consumers’ varying spice tolerance. Monster Curry currently operates 13 outlets across multiple malls in Singapore from Jurong Point to Bugis Junction.

This store accepts

  • CapitaCard
  • eCapitaVoucher
  • DBS (Instant STAR$®️ Earn)



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